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Our Farm:Established  in 2014 by Hope and Michael Mundwiller, in the beautiful 'Wine Country' of Gasconade County Missouri. Approx.60 milesWest of St Louis. High School Sweethearts originated in the picturesque town of Hermann, on the banks of the Missouri River.Michael being raised on a cattle farm and fulfilling all the duties that go along with farming, developed a strong 'Work Ethic'. A dominant family trait, as he is also a descendant of a Missouri Century Farm.

Michael's childhood home farm,'Mundwiller Angus Farm' still produces high quality beef for sale. As the years have progressed the family ventures have expanded to even include a Wedding & Event Venue Located at 'Sweet Clover Farm': 

Hope, with an inherently natural disposition towards animals, has tended to and raised a multitude of animals here on the farm. From  bottle calf to chickens, ducks, dogs, cats,and goats.

Simultaneously, nurturing her wildlife family including Rabbits, Deer, Squirrels, a plethora of Birds, Turtles, her own children (Charlotte & Caleb),we even have some rare birds and flying squirrels. While,tolerating the Armadillos, BIG Spiders, Snakes, Bats and Opossum. 

We treat every animal as if it were a part of the family, adhering to Good Breeding Practices, Healthy Vet Checks, and lots of 'HANDS ON' personal attention. 

Mundy's Myotonic Farm

Our Fantastic Fun

with Fainters

Established 2014

The Mundwiller Farm Family prefers the K.I.S.S method:

Keep It Simple and Sweet..!

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