Our Animals

Naa Naaaah Na Naaa


No I don't studder. That's how you say my name!

[in goat] 


Africa is my Face, Ooops!

 I mean, Eh-Hemm

my name...



Empress Nannette

Hello, I'm Sweet-Pea,. and I'm sweet as pie. Or should I say, sweet as a pea!

I'm Cosmo, the "stellar" buck of this farm. 


#1 Goat protector 

I'm 190 lbs of Butter? Sugar?

My name is Leo. I'm the greeter @ the farm. I can't wait to meet you!


I'm a bit bashful, but I have curls in my horns and a twinkle in my eyes.

The night I was born, the moon shown bright. The hills were so noisy it gave us a fright. The sun came up, we settled in the light, but my humans asked :"what was all that 'Calamity' last night?"

The name stuck!

I have crystal blue eyes, I'm light on my feet, and my personality is sugary sweet.

Posh, Elegant, Fancy, Yup, that's me!

My name is  Ritzy

 From my pretty pink nose to my shiny black feet. I sure can't wait until we meet !

My name is
Je t'aime. 

Greetings, My name is Reuben

I am a royal decendant   of the Tribe of Reuben, my ancestors helped unite an entire Kingdom.

Hi! I'm Cleatus

I am the oldest


I am the coolest!


is my name, Jumping is my game 

watch how we roll....